WAI Wire & Cable Streamcast

Welcome. You have arrived in time for the debut of The Wire Association's new Streamcast!

The Wire Association's first-ever streamcast is the virtual place to be. It's this summer’s answer to wire and cable connections.

This innovative live broadcast includes 10 sessions featuring a combination of presenters from a keynote address, to subject matter experts, to guest speakers from “exhibiting” companies. Raffle winners will be selected from the virtual audience throughout the Streamcast.

WAI has planned several speakers who have a lot to cover. A brief question-and-answer segment follows each presentation. Moderators will keep the segments on time. Take a look at the schedule of speakers and topics to help plan your stay online.

Any unanswered questions, due to timing, will be answered offline.

Register now to save your seat.

Streamcast Topics

  • Formulating lubricity in nonferrous wiredrawing
  • Moisture crosslinkable EPR: the next generation of rubber processing
  • Bringing nail manufacturing to the next level
  • Wire drawing: case studies leading to better efficiency
  • 5 easy purging tips to minimize scrap & downtime in wire extrusion
  • Kynar PVDF the utility knife of resins for wire & cable jacketing
  • Why your drying systems might be costing $$$
  • Visual inspection with deep learning computer vision
  • Overcoming challenges with measuring bouncing, unguided cylindrical moving products
  • Continuous Gravimetric Blending: how its integration to outside systems can provide additional benefits compared to standard stand-alone applications
  • Connected smart factories in length measurement
Requests for our current streamcast on July 15th are closed, but if you would like to present at one of our future online events, please click on the button below